Pragmatic structuring of the commercial approach

Pragmatic structuring of the commercial approach

Djena Dresse 16/06/2020

Structuring your sales force

The pragmatic structuring of the commercial approach is a method to increase its results in sales and prospecting. The principle is to frame the sales person in a structure that guides him in his daily work.

Sales are the life of the company.

After reducing expenses, you need to increase the quality, volume and profitability of your sales.

One solution is the pragmatic restructuring.

This structure is based on the company's strategy. The Sales Manager determine the key success factors and the roles of each person in the company together. Through participative management work, the sales force set quantitative and qualitative objectives. Then, we work on the operational side with the salesperson or the sales team to enable these people to prepare themselves as well as possible. It will be necessary to accompany him/her to train at the level of prospecting and sales while remaining professional. The sale person must prepare prospecting and respond to a relevant script in order to then be able to sell and reap the benefits of the prior preparation.

Finally, the last important element in structuring is follow-up. Follow-up that highlights the concretization of the entire individual commitment of each of the sales representatives and the manager.

Today, many companies want to achieve this objective of the structuring approach at the commercial level. The problem lies in the "how to do" and the lack of time to establish such a structure. However, in terms of cost, this is still reasonable compared to the cost of a sales person wasted for 3 or 6 months.

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