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General Terms and Conditions of Sale of WIZYOU SA


Article 1

The present general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the contractual relationship between the Client and the Company WIZYOU SA, having its registered office at rue Emile Claus 12, B-1000 Brussels, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number BE0818.141.055, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”.

The Company is active in the provision of professional advice to companies.

Article 2

The present general terms and conditions are applicable to the services listed below, performed by the Company and for which the customer has given its consent, in accordance with Article 5.

The following services are mainly, but not exhaustively, covered:

These general terms and conditions are also applicable to any services not covered above and carried out by the Company in the context of its business consulting and other management consulting activities.

Article 3

§1 These general terms and conditions shall prevail over any other general or special terms and conditions. They may be modified at any time by the Company. The Company undertakes to inform the Customer of any such changes. The present version of the general terms and conditions shall only be applicable to services performed after their entry into force.

§2 The Client is bound by these general terms and conditions as soon as his signature is affixed to the offer (as mentioned in article 5). He is presumed to have read and understood them. In the event of validation of the offer by electronic means, the Client acknowledges being bound by these general terms and conditions as soon as the agreement has been transmitted to the Company by this electronic means.

Obligation of means

Article 4

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the services shall be deemed to be an obligation of means. The Company undertakes to make every effort to carry out the mission and/or services requested by the Client. However, the Company is not obliged to use means that are disproportionate to the objective to be achieved.

Quotations – Prices and contractual documents

Article 5

§1.The offer given to the customer by the Company is valid for 30 calendar days.

This offer is drawn up on the basis of the needs and additional details formulated by the Customer. Any modification formulated by the Client, subsequent to the offer, will give rise to a modification of the cost of the service and, if this modification is fundamental, to a modification of the offer. The agreement is given by the Client’s signature, accompanied by the handwritten mention “Good for agreement or Read and approved” as well as the date of signature, affixed to the offer returned to the Company. The offer may be returned signed in writing or by e-mail, provided that the Client’s agreement is mentioned visibly, identifiably and unequivocally.

§2. Discounts or rebates may be granted to the Customer. These discounts and rebates do not in any way constitute a right on the part of the Customer. They are granted taking into account the professional relationship existing between the Company and the Client. Moreover, they are strictly linked to the contract concerned and cannot, under any circumstances, be the subject of a general clause.

§3. In the event that the offer has been issued by the Company electronically, e.g. by exchange of e-mails, the Client expressly accepts that the exchange of e-mails constitutes the contractual relationship and can serve as proof of its existence.

Article 6

§1. The price of the services is established with precision and meticulousness by the Company, taking into account the elements provided by the Client and starting from the following basis:

§2. In the case of a service without prior offer or complementary to an offer, the latter will be counted in ½ day or full day (work done on the spot).

§3. In the case of assignments that are subject to a percentage on results, the price is communicated specifically to the Client. This price is determined on the basis of the services performed with a view to the result to be achieved, as well as the type of result desired or obtained.

§4. The Company retains the right to modify the price of services for reasons beyond its control. Reasons beyond its control include, inter alia, changes to the Client’s request for services made after the offer has been signed for agreement. Any such modification must be made in writing to the Company. The latter remains free to accept or refuse the request for modification.

Benefit Payments

Article 7

§1. If the service is not linked to obtaining public subsidies or aid, the services are invoiced to the customer as follows: 

§2. If the service is linked to obtaining subsidies or public aid, the Company will comply with the rules of the subsidy or public aid body concerned and will invoice the amounts in accordance with the rules laid down by the aforementioned body. The Company’s invoices are, in this case, payable within 3 days of their date of issue (i.e. “in cash”).

§3. In any event, the contract will only be considered as concluded and the offer accepted after receipt of the amount of the down payment by the Company. In the event of delay in the payment of the deposit by the Client, the Company cannot guarantee that the services will be carried out within the time limits requested by the Client.

§4. The invoice is sent by post or e-mail by the Company to the Client. If sent by e-mail, it is sent to the e-mail address communicated by the Client when signing the offer. The Company shall not be held liable in any way if the address is incorrect.

In addition, in the event of a change in the contact e-mail address, the Customer is obliged to inform the Company immediately. No additional payment period shall be granted to the Customer who has failed to transmit the change in the e-mail address for sending the invoice(s).

§5. In the event of cancellation of the services by the Customer after validation of the offer in accordance with article 5, for any reason whatsoever, the payment of the following amounts will be requested from the Customer :

§6. Any invoice unpaid on the due date, even partially, will be automatically and without the need for a formal notice to pay, an interest of 15% per year calculated from the due date. The calculation of the interest shall not affect the due date for payment on the due date. In the event of an invoice remaining unpaid 48 hours after a first reminder has been sent by post or e-mail, the Company reserves the right to suspend the services in progress or the entire mission. In the event of an invoice remaining unpaid for more than 30 days after the due date, the mission and/or the services will be terminated automatically and by the sole will of the Company notified to the Client by registered letter without prior formal notice.

§7. If, for any reason whatsoever, collection by bailiff or court bailiff is initiated by the Company with regard to the Client, an indemnity equal to 10% of the amount invoiced with a minimum of €50 will be charged, in addition to the specific costs related to this collection, as a fixed and irreducible penalty clause, without the need for a formal notice by registered mail.

Coverage of costs by the client

Article 8

§1. The usual costs relating to the performance of the services that are the subject of the offer validated by the Client, in accordance with Article 5, shall be borne by the Company, with the exception of the costs explicitly listed in Article 6. Usual costs shall include all costs considered as “usual and normal” in the context of the services.

§2. The costs borne by the company, which do not constitute usual costs, in accordance with §1 above, shall be borne by the Customer. These costs are inserted in a clearly identifiable manner within the invoice referred to in Article 7, either on a stump basis or at the Company’s rate as set out in Article 6. The Client shall be properly informed thereof.

§3. In the event of recourse to third parties in the execution of the mission or services provided by the Company for the Client, the fees and expenses of the third parties shall be charged to the Client by way of an invoice issued by the Company in accordance with Article 7. The Client shall, where applicable, be informed in advance of any recourse to third parties (subcontractors or partners of the Company).

Intellectual property and copyright

Article 9

All elements produced by the Company and handed over to the Client are subject to legislation relating to intellectual property and, more particularly, to copyright. The documents are drawn up for the exclusive use of the Client. Under no circumstances may the latter reproduce them either for private or professional purposes. Failing this, the Company reserves the right to refer the matter to the legal authorities, to claim payment of copyright and, where applicable, damages.

Limitation of liability

Article 10

§1. The Company is engaged in business and other management consulting. In any event, its liability is limited to the provision of advice and is to be considered as such, i.e. a proposal for decision(s) to be taken. The Client remains solely responsible for the final decision.

§2. In the event that the Company’s liability is called into question by the Client or by a third party, the Company’s liability shall, in all cases, be limited to the amount of the services concerned by the dispute or questioning and paid by the Client. Under no circumstances may the amount of the damage take into account a profit expected and not realised or a loss potentially avoided by the Client.

Confidentiality and personal data

Article 11

§1. The personal and/or confidential data relating to both the Client and the Company as well as to third parties involved in the contractual relationship, collected in any way whatsoever and, essentially, by e-mail exchanges, mentions on the offer, oral exchanges, as well as any future information, with a view to the execution of the services or the mission, are solely intended for the performance of the services and communications between the parties. They will not be communicated or transferred to third parties, other than third parties (subcontractors and partners) if the performance of the services or the mission so requires.

§2. Any personal data concerning the customer as defined by the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is processed in compliance with it. The data is kept only for actions specific to the Company and is not, under any circumstances, transmitted to third parties either for direct marketing purposes or for any other purpose, with the exception of the transmission of information in accordance with §1 above. The data kept by the Company are the following: surname, first name, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, bank accounts, VAT number or registration number at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.

The customer has the possibility

Any request concerning the foregoing must be addressed in writing to the Company either by post, via its website or by e-mail to the following contact address:

The data controller is SA WIZYOU SA, through its managing director.

§3. The Company may disclose personal information to third parties at the request of any legally authorized authority. The Company may also disclose it if such disclosure is required, in good faith, to comply with laws and regulations, to protect or defend its rights or property, or if it believes that the Client is a danger to itself or a third party.

§4. The Company undertakes to immediately interrupt any sending of newsletters to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer, if the Customer so requires.


Article 12

The Client allows the Company to mention the contractual relationship existing between them for canvassing, presentation or reference purposes.


Article 13

§1. Any complaint by the Client must be made immediately verbally, confirmed in writing to the Company within 3 days of knowledge of the subject matter of the complaint at the latest, the postmark or date of the e-mail being taken as proof. The Company undertakes to do its utmost to find an amicable solution that is agreeable to all parties.

§2. Insofar as a complaint is made by the Client within the time limits provided for in §1 above, and insofar as the Company accepts it, the amount of the complaint will be limited to the amount of the service covered by the complaint less the actual costs incurred by the Company.

Dispute resolution and competent courts

Article 14

In the event of a dispute, mediation between the Company and the Client is preferred. If, however, no agreement is possible, the competent courts are those of the canton and judicial district of Liège).


Article 15

The possible nullity of a provision of these general terms and conditions does not affect the nullity of the whole. If a clause is rendered null and void, the parties undertake to conclude an alternative clause with the same effect.

Application of Belgian law

Article 16

All provisions not specified in these general terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract.