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How to raise funds successfully?

ALX Systems - deeptech

How to raise funds successfully?

ALX Systems is a company of experts in IT, situation analysis and innovative technologies (drones, cameras, trackers…), whose aim is to enable customers to carry out detection and security missions more quickly and efficiently in complex and extended situations, in the most automated and autonomous way possible, in order to reduce human risks and operational costs.

ALX Systems wanted to increase its financial resources in order to accelerate its development.

We supported ALX Systems in a fundraising campaign for EUR 1 million.

Here are the 3 elements that have been the most significant for us in the success of this super exciting project.

1/ Trust in the file:

“ALX Systems offers cutting-edge products and services in a high-potential market. We have supported this project and its manager in the preparation of the company’s global development strategy.  We therefore knew all the elements perfectly well and were able to defend it as best we could, with the manager but with complementary skills, before the interested investors.”

2/ Centralized communication :

“It is important to know who is the one and only interlocutor in the initial discussions, negotiations and formatting of agreements, to ensure maximum consistency at all stages of the fundraising process.  In a way, you need a conductor.”

3/ La perseverance :

“It is when you believe that everything is in order that you have to be careful of the last details.  We must be picky and, above all, not give up until the agreements are signed and the fundraising is completed.  We must never hesitate to remind investors, remind them of their benefits to participate, and support them in the decision making process.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the various interlocutors for their openness, interest and participation in the development of the ALX Systems project.

Another successful fundraising for Wizyou.

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