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WIZYOU offers multidisciplinary expertise for founders of growing companies.

Do you want to promote your product or service in Belgium or abroad?
Do you want to increase your turnover and boost your activity?

WIZYOU is here for you!

We design a strategy to achieve your objectives, set up a fundraising campaign and monitor the implementations within your company.
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Our mantra: « Make the entrepreneurs we support as happy as we are ».

Do you want to turn your intuitions into success ?

Your biggest obstacle to growth is in

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WIZYOU puts you in contact with project leaders with a high potential for return.

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Accounting expertise Accounting expertise

Expertise Comptable


On considère le chef d’entreprise comme un homme à abattre, ou une vache à traire. Peu voient en lui le cheval qui tire le char.

Winston Churchill

We want our clients to benefit from proactive accounting and tax advice. They will then be able to confirm or deny their feelings about the financial situation of their company. Accounting also makes it possible to understand and anticipate certain needs, particularly cash flow requirements. Careful and relevant accounting shows that a company is viable and trustworthy.

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Human Resources Human Resources

Ressources humaines


Le leadership : c’est l’art de faire faire à quelqu’un quelque chose que vous voulez voir fait, parce qu’il a envie de le faire.

Dwight Eisenhower

When a company changes, the founders face significant working relationships challenges. Our objective is to enable you to manage these challenges in an optimal way. With an entrepreneurial, efficient and pragmatic approach, our experts give you the appropriate recommendations for your growth in terms of human resources.

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Management Management



Les ambitions sans les moyens, c’est l’échec. Les moyens sans organisation, c’est l’anarchie.

Strategic work provides the company's founder with the necessary tools to ensure effective management and achieve his growth objectives. Together, we design a 360* vision, coherent and acceptable to its partners. We confront the entrepreneur's vision with the reality on the ground and challenge him so that he can make the most optimal decisions for the development of his company.

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Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing



Lorsqu’on parle beaucoup, on dit presque toujours quelque chose qu’il ne faudrait pas dire


Our experts implement methods to enable you to increase your prospecting and sales results in a sustainable way through realistic and creative marketing. WIZYOU implements structured and adapted processes to design effective and relevant sales teams. Preparation is 90% success!

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Finance Finance

Finance & Gouvernance


L’avenir ne se prévoit pas, il se prépare. 

Maurice Blondel

A company that wants to grow must be financially prepared to face growth. Our mission is to support you and anticipate with you future expenses and income flows. Challenging you will allow you to better understand your new environment. Financial expertise is used to improve your performance and to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. Anticipate and optimize the growth of your business!

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Our expertise

  • Growth strategy

    To meet your company's new change challenges, developing a thoughtful growth strategy is the surest way to success. The strategy must take into account the objectives to be achieved. It considers the company's financial and human resources and the resources that will be required to ensure its success. The strategy is a reflection of the company's values and an extension of the manager's aspirations. There must be a real alignment between the company's strategy, growth objectives and resources. Our goal is to build it with you and challenge it regularly in order to check the assumptions and ensure positive change in the business.

  • Fundraising

    After the growth strategy, you know your financial and human needs to face this change, and not before. We then anticipate your cash flow and estimate the amount needed to finance your ambitious vision. Then, we consider the financial partners (private, semi-public or public) who can intervene. After fundraising, managing the interactions and complementarities between these new partners is essential. We also ensure that their contributions are valued and that new internal balances are established.

  • Support

    In your changing business, a balance between resources, time and skills must exist. Regularly, many challenges (internal and external) threaten this balance. It can be the creation of a new product or an international development. You may also want to improve the customer experience and redefine internal processes. Our experts have already faced these types of situations and will help you overcome these challenges. We support you to create the new functioning adapted to your company. This will save you a lot of time, resources and skills.

Our values

Pragmatism - Efficiency - Ethics - Friendliness

Case Study

How to raise funds successfully?

ALX Systems - deeptech

ALX Systems wanted to increase its financial resources in order to accelerate its development.


I will recommend WIZYOU with my eyes closed because following the various training sessions, I was able to directly and easily implement new sales actions that quickly bore fruit.

Sophie Legrand - Business Development Manager - UCM